All You Need to Know About Maryland Driver’s License Point System

MA motorists charged with traffic offenses may want to know more about the Maryland Driver’s License Point System. To learn more, contact Scrofano Law, PC.

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What Gets You Points on Your License?

Maryland has a point system that tracks traffic violations in the state. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration administers these points. Traffic offenses can result in points on your driving record if you are convicted of them or if you pay a fine.

While many people might consider traffic violations to be minor offenses, the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) has set some rules for motorists.

Some of the traffic offenses that attract penalties include:

  • Driving beyond the set speed limit

  • Driving below the minimum posted speed limit, like on highways

  • Driving limited speed vehicle on a forbidden highway

  • Driving a vehicle while intoxicated by drugs and alcohol

  • Driving fast in bad weather conditions

  • Driving with a suspended license

  • Failing to make way for an emergency vehicle or permit vehicle

  • Not stopping for a school bus

  • Failing to obey traffic control device

  • Ignoring a flashing traffic signal

  • Reckless and aggressive driving

Doing these traffic offenses can result in applying the driver’s license point system on you. It is a scale that assigns values to traffic offenses resulting from reckless driving. You may lose your driver’s license when these points accumulate to a particular level.

Maryland Speeding Ticket Points

In Maryland, a driver can get a speeding ticket when a law enforcement officer stops them for speeding or when a traffic camera catches a driver speeding.

You risk losing your driver’s license and driving privileges by accumulating these points on your driver’s license. Therefore, Maryland drivers are more afraid of points than fines.


How Many Points on Your License Is Considered a Warning in Maryland?

When you get 3 to 4 points on your record with MVA, they send you a warning letter. While you still retain your license, MVA warns you that your license could be revoked at any time if you continue to commit traffic offenses.

Upon reaching 5 to 7 points, MVA requires you to attend a Driver Improvement Program (DIP) or a Points System Conference to brush up on your driving skills.

Do You Get Points for Speeding Tickets in Maryland?


Apart from other traffic violations, you can get points for speeding in Maryland. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) sets the parameters for issuing these points. It includes these points to your record after being charged in the Maryland District Court.

The more miles per hour you pass the speed limit, the higher the points you are penalized. The points also increase if you cause an accident due to driving above the speed limit.


How Many Points Is a Speeding Ticket in MD?

Your points for speeding in Maryland depend on how much you exceed the set speed limit. The speed limit point system is calculated in ranges of 9mph. For example, you will get the following point values for breaking these speed limits.

  • Driving 1 – 9 mph over the speed limit warrants you 1 point. Driving 10 – 19 mph or 20 – 29 mph over the speed limit warrants 2 points. However, if a driver causes an accident, the points are 3.

  • Driving 10 – 19 mph above the speed limit of 70 mph warrants 2 points, and if you cause an accident, the points given are 3.

  • Driving 20 – 29 mph over the speed limit of 70 mph warrants 5 points whether you caused an accident or not.

  • Driving 30 – 39 mph or 40mph over the speed limit warrants 5 points whether you caused an accident or not.

What Is the Maximum Number of Points for a License Suspension in Maryland?


The more points you accumulate, the nearer you are to getting your license suspended by MVA. An accumulation of more than 8 – 11 points is enough for MVA to send you a notice of suspension.

When you get the notice of suspension, you must return your driver’s license via mail or in-person to an MVA office in Maryland no later than the suspension date.

Alternatively, you can request a hearing if you believe the notice wasn’t issued fairly. This is done 15 days from the day of the notice. When you request a hearing, it is paramount that you get the services of a Maryland reckless driving lawyer who will prepare a defense for you when the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) invites you to your hearing.


How Long Do Points Stay On Your Driving Record in Maryland?

It takes two years for the MVA to officially delete the points from your record. This two-year duration dates back to when you committed the traffic offense and not when the MVA added points to your record.

After this time, the points are not considered ‘current points’ and can’t be used to suspend your license.

How Can You Avoid accumulating Points on a Speeding Ticket in Maryland?

When you get a speeding ticket, the common thing that people will do is pay for the ticket. However, by doing this, you agree the MVA adds points to your Maryland driver’s record. So what should you do to avoid the dreaded points on your record?

Your best bet is to contact a traffic lawyer in Maryland immediately after getting the traffic citation. Here is how a traffic lawyer will help you.

  • They will defend you against the citation, especially if the traffic ticket issuance was unfair.
  • They will ensure that your driving record remains clean.
  • If you previously had accumulated points, the traffic lawyer will ensure that they don’t exceed the 8-point mark needed to suspend your license.


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