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When you need the legal services of an Anne Arundel County criminal defense lawyer, contact Scrofano Law PC. Let our experienced attorneys defend your case!

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Anne Arundel County, Maryland


Anne Arundel County, MD, criminal convictions can have far-reaching consequences, including loss of employment, educational opportunities, and voting rights. It is also possible for foreign nationals to be deported if they are convicted of a criminal offense.

Therefore, you need an experienced Maryland criminal lawyer to represent you effectively in court and exhaust all possible legal options.

Criminal defendants charged with DUIs, felonies, or misdemeanors can seek assistance from a Maryland criminal attorney from Scrofano Law. A passionate criminal defense lawyer will do whatever it takes to ensure you have the best possible defense.

Our attorneys will carefully examine the evidence against you and any potential constitutional violations as they examine the police reports and other charge documents, explain the circumstances of your arrest and address your concerns. Contact us today for a consultation.

Types of State & Federal Criminal Charges We Handle


We handle a wide variety of criminal cases:


While there may be less severe consequences for committing a misdemeanor, these are still serious charges. They can carry a hefty fine and jail time.

Misdemeanors we frequently defend include the following:

  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Traffic tickets
  • Drug charges
  • Burglary

Misdemeanor charges can have significant consequences for your future, so they should be treated as such. Don’t hesitate to contact a criminal defense law firm, like Scrofano Law PC, if you have been arrested in Anne Arundel County. The sooner we begin to work on your case, the better chance we have for success.


Traffic and DUIs

You can consult with us and have us represent you at the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings if you have received a DUI or DWI citation in Anne Arundel County. Your license and driving privileges, as well as your employment opportunities, may depend on these details. For trustworthy representation from an experienced Maryland DUI lawyer, contact us today.


Federal Crimes

Federal prosecutors will likely seek a conviction, administrative penalties, fines, and jail time if you are accused of committing a federal crime. Hence, federal crimes require a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the federal court system and felony crimes.

Having a successful criminal law attorney on your side makes all the difference in the outcome of your case when facing federal charges in a United States District Court. For help defending your case, contact Scrofano Law today.

A Case’s Outcome Depends on What You Do After Being Charged


Without the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney, suspects or arrested individuals in Anne Arundel County, MD, are vulnerable. In our role as criminal defense lawyers, Scrofano Law has protected countless clients’ rights, from arrest to their court appearances and resolution of the case. If you hire our law firm, you are hiring accomplished lawyers with proven track records of winning cases against the prosecution.

In Maryland, you have the right to remain silent and the right to a criminal defense attorney if you are arrested. Contact a Maryland criminal defense attorney at Scrofano Law if you need assistance exercising these rights.


The Negative Effects of a Criminal Conviction in Maryland.


A criminal conviction in Maryland could harm you in several ways. First, you could face time behind bars and heavy fines. Also, a criminal record in your name could affect your chances of finding employment, education, immigration status, and other rights and privileges.

The Criminal Justice Process in Maryland: Investigation to Trial



When law enforcement officials investigate a crime, they begin by gathering evidence. This evidence can come from interviews with witnesses, forensics testing of physical objects, or tracking the movements and contacts of the suspect.


With enough evidence that points to a suspect, law enforcement will make an arrest. An arrest often includes handcuffing the suspect and bringing them into custody in an Anne Arundel County jail.


With enough evidence that points to a suspect, law enforcement will book a suspect and charge them with a crime according to law. Often they will check Maryland criminal records to see if the suspect has any prior arrests.


After the indictment has been issued, the accused will be brought to court for an arraignment. During this hearing, the defendant will enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest as required by the Maryland Criminal Code.


Both sides will gather evidence and testimony in preparation for the trial. In many cases, this will involve a lawyer exchanging documents and witness statements with the opposing lawyer for use in the trial.

Pre-Trial Conference

Pre-trial conferences are held before the trial with the defense attorney, prosecutor, and judge present. Trial schedules, motion hearing dates, and trial dates are determined. Pre-trial conferences ensure that all parties involved know what is expected of them, that discovery has been provided on time, and that every case has been scheduled for trial.


A trial is a structured process in which a jury evaluates the facts of a case and determines whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty of the charge brought against him. Prosecutors use witnesses and evidence to convince juries that the defendant committed the crime(s), while the defense tries to prove the defendant’s innocence.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer


A criminal defense attorney who understands the law will protect your rights and help you evaluate your options to attain the best solution to your case.

Having dealt with Maryland criminal cases for many years, Scrofano Law’s lawyers have a great deal of experience. We have resolved many criminal cases for clients in Anne Arundel County, MD. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation!


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Be Penalized For Not Speaking With the Police?

No. The police cannot penalize you for not speaking to them. You are protected from self-incrimination, meaning you can refuse to answer any questions. Before you answer any questions from law enforcement, you have the right to have your criminal defense attorney present.

Can Police Search My House Without Search Warrant?

The police cannot search your property without a warrant. The Fourth Amendment states that the police must have a warrant or any other form of permission to lawfully search your premises. However, there are exceptions to this rule. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can explain these exceptions to you.


We fight for your rights!

Lysa S

Paolo Gnocchi is an excellent attorney. He offered sound advice and thoroughly explained the court process. If you are looking for professional representation and a reliable attorney that will advocate for you, Paolo is your guy. Joseph Scrofano and his team are all dedicated individuals. Hopefully I never need a criminal defense attorney again LOL, but if I do, Scrofano Law would be my choice!


Joe is amazing! Here’s the hard truth:

- 99% of cases that go court in DC end in convictions
- Last year there were 120 cases in DC and the conviction rate was 100%

Here is the good news, Joe represents people in DC and knows what he is doing! When I was charged with a crime that I didn’t commit, Joe went to work. Three years, a grueling court case, and one long battle later, I got to hear the words, “not guilty!” Joe didn’t just collect a retainer and show up on court date. He scrutinized every document in the case, subpoenaed the information he needed, and presented a perfect case of facts!

When you need someone that will fight for you and can actually win, Joe is the guy!!

Ryan K.

Paolo and this firm are top notch. They need to be thankful to have him on the team. Can’t put into words how amazing Paolo was and how thankful I am. He fought for me and succeeded. 5 stars!