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Rockville, Maryland is the county seat for Montgomery County, a county that borders Washington, DC. Highway 270, a major throughway connecting DC to I-70, runs through Rockville. Maryland State Police and Rockville City Police aggressively enforce traffic and DUI crimes due to the high level of traffic in the area. 

Rockville also borders Bethesda, Maryland, another populous community in Montgomery County. The population of Rockville is estimated to be approximately 70,000 people. Many individuals who live in Rockville commute into Washington, DC for work.  Even so, Rockville is home to numerous biotechnology and software companies as well as several federal government institutions. Rockville, Maryland is known for being a safe place to live in the suburbs of DC. In fact, according to crime statistics, Rockville’s crime rate is noticeably below average for towns of similar size. Rockville also boasts below-average violent crime rates. 

Due to relatively low crime within its city limits, Rockville police are able to focus their efforts on different issues, most notably the town’s more recent crackdowns on drunk driving. Given its large population, numerous restaurants and bars, and proximity to DC, the police of Rockville are aggressive in enforcing its laws, especially DUI offenses.

Police in Rockville

Like other cities in Montgomery County, the main police agency making arrests in Rockville is the Montgomery County Police Department (“MCPD”). Its Rockville station is located at:


First District Station

100 Edison Park Drive

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878

Phone: (240) 773-6070

The First District Station is actually located in neighboring Gaithersburg in between Highway 270 and 28 near the Montgomery County Public Safety Memorial.

In addition, Rockville has a local city police force. The Rockville City Police Department makes arrest and has jurisdiction in Rockville. Its located at:


Rockville City Police Department

2 W. Montgomery Ave

Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: (240) 314-8900

Email [email protected]

The Rockville City Police Department is located near the Rockville Town Square off W. Montgomery Avenue near the Beall-Dawson Museum. The closest Metro station to the police department is the Rockville Metro station on the Red line.

If you or a friend or loved one are arrested in Rockville, you may not be sure where the police take the person for processing. Contacting an experienced Rockville criminal defense lawyer can likely help you track down your friend or loved one.

Finally, the Maryland State Police have a barracks in Rockville:


Barrack N – Rockville

7915 Montrose Road

Rockville, MD 20854

Phone: 301-424-2101

Email: [email protected]

Criminal Charges in Rockville

Rockville is a decent size population center with lots of restaurants and bars making it an ideal place for police to enforce DUI and traffic stops. In particular, many Rockville residents work in the District of Columbia and have long commutes coming to and from work. It is common for police to make arrests in Rockville for a variety of criminal offenses including:

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Rockville Courthouses

The State of Maryland divides its trial courts by county. Within each county, there is a District Court and Circuit Court. Most cases originate in District Court except serious felonies. 


There is one Circuit Court for Montgomery County:

50 Maryland Avenue

Rockville, Maryland 20850

Phone Number: (240) 777-9400


There is also a District Court located in Rockville as well:

Prince George’s County District Court (06-01)

191 East Jefferson Street

Rockville, MD 20850

Phone Number: 301-563-8800


Finally, there is a second District Court for Montgomery County located in Silver Spring:

Prince George’s County District Court (06-02)

8552 Second Avenue

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone Number: 301-563-8500


A typical criminal case, like a DUI, in Montgomery County, will originate in District Court. In District Court, the defendant can have a trial before a Judge. The judge will both determine what facts it believes (as the fact finder) and apply those facts to the law in making a decision about whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty.

If the defendant loses at District Court, she can appeal to Circuit Court and get a new trial. The trial in Circuit Court will be held in front of a jury. In a jury trial, it’s the members of the community on the jury who determine whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. The judge instructs the jury on the law.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Rockville MD

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