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What to Do if You Are Charged With a Criminal Offense in Fort Washington?

Fort Washington is an unincorporated, census-designated place in Prince George’s County. It is considered a suburb of Washington, DC located just south of downtown. It has a population of around 30,000 people located west of Maryland Route 210. Given its close proximity to bars and restaurants in Washington, DC, and the surrounding National Harbor, police frequently target the area for DUI enforcement.

However, it is considered that the crime rate in Fort Washington, MD is about the same as the average U.S. city. But, at the same time, it has fewer property or violent crimes than Maryland’s average. In other words, an individual is three times less likely to become a victim of a violent crime in Fort Washington than in the State of Maryland in general. When it comes to property crimes, Fort Washington is also considered safer. The chances of becoming a property crime victim in Maryland are two times more likely than in Fort Washington, MD. The crime rate in Fort Washington is also lower compared to surrounding cities.

Since chances of a crime actually happening do exist, knowing where to find skilled criminal defense attorneys can be helpful.

Police in Fort Washington

Because Fort Washington is not technically a city, it does not have its own police force. However, both PG County and Maryland State police have jurisdiction to arrest people in Fort Washington. Prince George’s County District Seven Station is located in Fort Washington at:
Prince George’s County Police Department
District Seven
11108 Fort Washington Road
Fort Washington, MD 20744
Phone: (301) 292-5300
Email: [email protected]

District Seven commonly serves Brandywine and Accokeek in addition to Fort Washington. The closest Maryland State Police barracks are located in Forestville about 30 minutes away by car. In addition, the Maryland State Police barracks in La Plata is also about 30 minutes away.

Facing Criminal Charges in Fort Washington

Given that many individuals who live in Fort Washington also work in Washington, DC, it is not uncommon for drunk driving arrests to occur when people are commuting back home from the District. In addition, police in Fort Washington tend to make arrests for the following offenses:

Getting arrested can lead to jail time, fines, and collateral consequences. Finding yourself with a criminal lawyer charge in PG County can be a scary and difficult experience. Accordingly, it’s important to find a lawyer who will work tirelessly on your behalf to get the best possible results. Attorney Paolo Gnocchi has experience fighting for individuals charged with crimes in Maryland and is not afraid to challenge the government.

Courthouses in Fort Washington

For violations of Maryland state law, arrests in Fort Washington get charged in Prince George’s County courts. Like all Maryland courts, the PG County courts are two-tiered. There is General District Court where most misdemeanors and some felonies originate. In addition, the Prince George’s County Circuit Court handles appeals from District Court as well as serious felonies that originate in that court. Circuit Court for PG County is located at:
Prince George’s County Circuit Court

14735 Main St
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Phone: (301) 952-3318

Also, there are two separate General District Courts in Prince George’s County, Maryland:

Prince George’s County District Court (05-02)

14735 Main Street, Suite 173B
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Phone: (301) 298-4000

Prince George’s County District Court (05-01)

4990 Rhode Island Avenue
Hyattsville, MD 20781
Phone: (301) 298-4200

Getting arrested and charged with any crime is a serious matter. The criminal justice system often treats individuals unfairly. The process itself can be humiliating and lead to life-changing consequences.

Whether you have been charged with a crime or you are the victim of it, having a criminal defense attorney by your side can be beneficial for your case.

When Should You Consider Hiring a Fort Washington Criminal Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges or in need of a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Washington, MD, you may feel lost and don’t know where to turn to. But there are certain things you should pay attention to.

When looking for a criminal defense or DUI attorney, bear in mind it’s important to find an attorney who you trust will be honest with you. In addition, it’s important to find a criminal defense attorney who will remain committed to your case.

Because, in many instances, the government will attempt to railroad the defendant in criminal cases, finding aggressive criminal defense lawyers who will fight hard to protect their client’s rights is essential.

If you or someone you know has been arrested or finds themselves under investigation in Prince George’s County, contact Attorney Paolo Gnocchi immediately for a full case evaluation.