Driving Without a License in Maryland

Driving Without a License in Maryland


If you are ever pulled over, you must provide the police officers with your license. Several factors determine how much trouble you may face when you do not have a driver’s license. Additionally, the penalties will depend on whether your license was suspended or you simply did not have a valid license on-hand.

It should be noted that driving without a license or with an invalid license can also be considered reckless driving, resulting in additional serious consequences.

traffic lawyer in Maryland can assess your case and determine if you qualify for an exception to driving without a license in Maryland.

Driving Without a License vs Driving With a Suspended or Revoked License 

In Maryland, driving while your license is suspended is entirely different from driving without your license. In many cases, when someone drives without a license, they do not carry one with them. This means that they are not in possession of their license inside the vehicle they are operating.

If a person is driving while their license is suspended, it means that their driving privileges have temporarily been removed. In this case, drivers don’t often have insurance, which would incur a separate citation. Driving without a license in Maryland is a criminal misdemeanor.

What Happens If You Are Caught Driving Without a License?

In Maryland, when a driver cannot provide a valid license, the detaining officer can check whether or not the driver has one. The license, however, must still be presented in court as evidence. In the event they cannot, the violation will be handled accordingly.

Depending on the circumstances, the process from arrest to trial and sentencing can be confusing and overwhelming. During this time, many steps occur that are often difficult to comprehend at first.

If you were found to be driving without a valid license while you were driving drunk, the potential consequences could be exponentially more severe. You may need the assistance of a Maryland DUI lawyer at this point.

Is Driving Without a License a Felony in Maryland?


Although it varies by state, driving without a license is not a felony in Maryland. It is a misdemeanor, and the penalty for it can be up to three years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine.

Driving a car without a valid license is illegal, and the following could apply:

  1. Drivers who drive on suspended or revoked licenses could be fined a maximum of $1000 and jailed for six months.
  2. If you have never been issued a Maryland driving license or learner’s permit, you can face fines of up to $500 for driving without one.
  3. You may also be charged with negligent driving and fined up to an additional $50
  4. A driver who is not a US citizen may be deported, in some extreme cases

Driving without a license is a serious offense. Consulting with a licensed attorney might provide the answers you need.

Can You Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Driving Without Your License?


Typically, a person is required to have the proper identification and provide it to the police officer when requested. Police may arrest someone for driving without a license if they don’t have their license when pulled over.

The license is what is used by the police officer to identify the following

Driving without a Maryland driver’s license can result in criminal charges that require legal representation. Establishing a solid attorney-client relationship with associates at a reputable firm can be helpful. Schedule a free initial consultation with Scrofano Law at your earliest convenience.

How Much Is the Fine for Driving Without a License in Maryland?


In Maryland, driving without a license can result in a police officer seizing your license and issuing you a ticket. You may not be able to get your license back until you pay the fine.

The Maryland DMV has different penalties for different types of violations. Driving without a license on a second or subsequent offense will result in greater punishments, including jail time.

Drivers who have never obtained a driver’s license and are caught driving on public streets or highways can be fined up to $1,000 for their first offense and up to $2,500 for any subsequent offenses.

Defending against charges of driving with a fabricated license in Maryland may require the help of an experienced criminal lawyer familiar with fake ID laws. Contact Scrofano Law to speak with a criminal defense lawyer. 

Is There a Maximum Fine in Maryland for Driving Without a Valid License?


The maximum fine for a conviction of driving without a valid driver’s license is $1,000. This is the highest fine a person could be charged with if they are convicted of driving without a valid driver’s license. 

A conviction can also lead to long-term consequences that could haunt the offender for years to come, such as a record of the incident being placed on the defendant’s criminal and driving records. 

Whether it is your first offense or a second or subsequent offense, it is often best to consult with a qualified lawyer when you face legal issues.


How Can an Attorney Help if You Are Caught Driving Without a License?


A driver caught driving without a license may face various consequences that can include fines, jail time, and in some situations, even deportation.

The attorney will help you to get your charges reduced or dismissed. A Maryland criminal lawyer will also help you to understand your rights and responsibilities in this situation.

If you need legal assistance, hire an established law firm with a qualified lawyer. Contact Scrofano Law for a consultation.

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