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Criminal Defense Attorney in Laurel, MD

Facing criminal charges can be a daunting experience, with potential consequences that reach far beyond the courtroom. The role of a criminal defense lawyer in Laurel, Maryland, is paramount in providing the support and experience needed to fight the charges and walk free.

At Scrofano Law, PC, we know that legal challenges, whether misdemeanors or felonies, can have profound effects on various aspects of your life, including your personal relationships and future opportunities. Our dedicated team empathizes with the stress and uncertainty you may be experiencing. We recognize that the problem you’re facing is not just a legal matter but a deeply personal one that requires strategic and compassionate legal representation.

Whether it’s investigating your case, negotiating with prosecutors, or providing vigorous trial advocacy when required, our legal team is well-prepared to offer the support you need.

If you’re facing criminal charges in Laurel, Maryland, don’t hesitate to contact Scrofano Law, PC. Our experienced criminal lawyers are dedicated to advocating for our clients aggressively and diligently, regardless of your case’s complexity, to achieve excellent outcomes.

Criminal Law in Laurel, Maryland

Legal proceedings in Laurel, Maryland, from arrest to post-conviction, necessitate a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system. If you and your loved ones find yourselves entangled in this process, it’s crucial to comprehend each stage.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the criminal legal process in Maryland:

  1. Arrest: The legal process typically begins with an arrest. Law enforcement authorities detain individuals suspected of committing a crime. During this phase, understanding your rights and having legal representation can significantly impact the trajectory of your case.
  2. Booking and Initial Appearance: Following an arrest, the individual is booked, and an initial appearance before a judge is scheduled. In the initial appearance, the judge reads the charges to the suspect, informs them of their rights, and determines whether to set bail. The accused is asked to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.
  3. Pretrial Proceedings: Pretrial proceedings involve evidence gathering, legal motions, and negotiations between the defense and prosecution. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will negotiate for a favorable plea bargain.
  4. Trial: If a case proceeds to trial, your defense attorney presents favorable evidence, cross-examines witnesses, and argues on behalf of the accused.
  5. Sentencing hearing: If convicted, the court determines the appropriate punishment during the sentencing hearing. Your Laurel defense lawyer can advocate for leniency and present mitigating factors.
  6. Post-Conviction Proceedings: Even after a conviction, there are avenues for appeal, sentence modification, or other post-conviction relief.

Criminal defense attorneys serving Laurel are not just legal representatives; they are advocates, guides, and protectors of your rights throughout every stage of the legal process. From traffic violations to more serious criminal charges, the aid of dedicated criminal defense lawyers is vital in ensuring that individuals in Laurel receive fair and just treatment within Maryland’s legal framework, including Maryland DUI law. Scrofano Law PC’s Laurel criminal lawyers are here to help ensure that your rights are protected.

Crime Types in Laurel, Maryland

Crimes in Maryland are categorized into misdemeanors and felonies of varying degrees depending on their severity and circumstances.

Misdemeanors, considered less severe, can result in consequences such as fines, jail time, and probation. Common misdemeanor offenses in Laurel include DUI, low-value theft, second-degree assault, drug possession, and illegal possession of a firearm.

On the other hand, felonies, more serious in nature, may lead to more serious penalties, including lengthy imprisonment and hefty fines. Examples of felonies in Laurel encompass offenses such as murder, sexual crimes, robbery, first-degree assault, and drug distribution or possession with intent to distribute.

An experienced criminal lawyer is indispensable whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges. Contact Scrofano Law, PC, as soon as possible to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

How Our Team at Scrofano Law PC Can Help

Our criminal lawyers at Scrofano Law, PC, have the knowledge and experience you need to obtain the most favorable outcomes.

Here are some of the ways in which we can help you:

Local Knowledge

  • Our team of Laurel defense lawyers possesses an in-depth understanding of the local legal system and its nuances.
  • We are familiar with the specific challenges that individuals encounter when navigating criminal cases in Laurel.

Tailored Defense Strategies

  • No two cases are alike, and we craft customized defense strategies to address the specific circumstances of each case.
  • Thorough case assessments allow us to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your case and enable us to build a robust and effective defense.

Vast Experience

  • Our litigation law firm handles a wide range of cases, from traffic violations to drug crimes.
  • We have been serving Maryland for decades and have what it takes to handle any case, no matter how complex it is.

Effective Negotiation Skills

  • We excel in negotiation, striving to secure favorable outcomes for our clients through plea bargains and alternative resolutions.
  • Our negotiation skills often result in the most favorable outcomes for our clients that may not be otherwise attainable.

Vigorous Trial Advocacy

  • In cases that demand a trial, our attorneys are prepared to represent you vigorously in the courtroom.
  • We present compelling cases, protecting your rights and interests throughout the legal process.

Cases We Handle at Scrofano Law PC

We handle a variety of criminal cases and can advise you on how best to proceed to guarantee the best results.

Some of the cases we handle include:

  • DUI/DWI Charges

  • Assault and Battery

  • Drug Offenses

  • Theft and Property Crimes

  • Domestic Violence

  • Sex Crimes

  • Homicide and Manslaughter

  • Traffic Violations

  • White-Collar Crimes

  • Juvenile Offenses

  • Weapons and Firearm Offenses

If you’re facing criminal charges in Laurel, Maryland, our dedicated team at Scrofano Law, PC, is here to offer legal guidance and an aggressive defense tailored to the specific needs of your case.

Contact Us Today

Are you facing criminal charges in Laurel, Maryland? A criminal lawyer from Scrofano Law, PC, is your trusted ally. Whether your criminal case is in the district court, circuit court, or federal court, our attorneys can help. Contact our law office today for a free consultation, and let our experienced team provide the criminal defense you need to get an excellent outcome in your case.

Don’t navigate the complexities of your case alone; we’re here to be your advocates and ensure your rights are protected, working diligently to achieve the best possible outcome. Your future deserves a strong defense.

Scrofano Law, PC, is your go-to legal counsel for all your criminal defense needs in Laurel, MD. Schedule your free consultation today.


We fight for your rights!

Lysa S

Paolo Gnocchi is an excellent attorney. He offered sound advice and thoroughly explained the court process. If you are looking for professional representation and a reliable attorney that will advocate for you, Paolo is your guy. Joseph Scrofano and his team are all dedicated individuals. Hopefully I never need a criminal defense attorney again LOL, but if I do, Scrofano Law would be my choice!


Joe is amazing! Here’s the hard truth:

- 99% of cases that go court in DC end in convictions
- Last year there were 120 cases in DC and the conviction rate was 100%

Here is the good news, Joe represents people in DC and knows what he is doing! When I was charged with a crime that I didn’t commit, Joe went to work. Three years, a grueling court case, and one long battle later, I got to hear the words, “not guilty!” Joe didn’t just collect a retainer and show up on court date. He scrutinized every document in the case, subpoenaed the information he needed, and presented a perfect case of facts!

When you need someone that will fight for you and can actually win, Joe is the guy!!

Jacob Wilkerson

Joe is an incredible lawyer who goes above and beyond for his clients, and he does so because he genuinely cares about people. Joe knows that the justice system is stacked against the average person, and he does everything in his power to level the playing field for his clients by being a fierce advocate for justice and truth. I’ve met many lawyers in D.C., they’re everywhere around here, but Joe is of the rare variety that actually does it for the people and not the paycheck. We need more lawyers like him. And if you need a lawyer, he’s your best bet at getting a fair shot in an otherwise unfair system.