How a Drug Crime Lawyer Rockville MD Can Assist You

If you have been arrested for drug possession, trafficking, or manufacturing under Rockville MD law and need a lawyer – call Paolo Gnocchi.

Impact of Drug Offenses


Drug offenses can tarnish your name and ruin your life and future career prospects. Some employers are reluctant to hire those accused of drug charges, no matter how great their resumes are. You would face even worse career prospects if you spent time in prison for your crimes.

So what is the best thing you can do after getting arrested for drug crimes? Hire a lawyer! An experienced Rockville drug lawyer can help you fight the drug charges against you. 

How? Read on to learn more about Maryland drug crimes, drug crime lawyers, and how an attorney can assist you.


Drug Trafficking Offense

Drug trafficking is a more severe offense compared to drug possession. Drug trafficking is a federal offense, and therefore you will be charged at the federal level. 

The sentences and fines are harsher at the federal level. In these situations, it’s typically best to work with an attorney who has experience in federal law, or else the prosecution will have a field day.

After the stress of a long legal battle, everyone hopes to hear that their case is dismissed. Although drug trafficking attorneys cannot guarantee that your case will be dismissed or that your charges will be reduced, a good Rockville MD defense attorney will work hard to get the best possible outcome for you.

If a conviction is unavoidable, Rockville drug crime lawyers will often argue in favor of reduced mandatory minimum sentences or reduced fines. Additionally, if you are offered a plea deal, they can advise you on whether you should take it.

How Can a Rockville Drug Crime Lawyer Assist You?

Getting arrested for a drug offense can have serious consequences, especially if the evidence is overwhelming. Drug possession with the intent of either using or trafficking is a serious offense. Therefore, make sure you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to ensure they can start preparing for your defense early.

A criminal defense attorney experienced in drug crimes can mean the difference between a favorable and an unfavorable outcome for your case.

Do you know the crime rate in your county? These are things your drug crime lawyer understands and may be able to use when building your defense for drug charges. Your drug crime lawyer will also help you understand sentencing guidelines and what you may be facing as you prepare for court.

Our criminal defense attorneys understand how to handle various drug charges. But the process starts even before you talk to your Rockville drug lawyer. When you speak with law enforcement, avoid saying anything that could incriminate you.

You can provide necessary personal details such as your name, but don’t give specific information that can be used against you in court. Additionally, make sure you don’t admit guilt or sign any document before consulting your lawyer.

What Do You Look for When Choosing a Drug Law Firm?

Freedom is costly, so don’t take any chances when it is at stake. Getting a criminal defense attorney should be your top priority when facing drug crime cases.

Choose a trustworthy attorney that you can build an excellent attorney-client relationship with. Build an excellent relationship with your attorney based on clear communication, and it will be easier for you to trust them with all the details regarding your case.

Every detail is crucial in drug crime cases, so make sure your attorney knows everything that happened during your arrest.

Below are four qualities to consider when choosing an attorney for your drug crime charges.



You deserve a professional drug crime lawyer, whether you have been arrested for simple possession or distribution of dangerous controlled substances.

When you contact our drug law firm for an initial consultation, our attorneys will handle your case with the highest level of professionalism.

Here are a few things we do to show you that you are dealing with professional attorneys:

  • Follow state and federal laws on drugs and act ethically
  • Work devotedly to protect your rights and freedom
  • Arrive at meetings on time and fully prepared
  • Provide you with legal advice on alternative ways of handling your case
  • Be prompt in our communication and return your calls.



Criminal defense attorneys work in many different areas of law. Working with one dedicated to drug crimes would be more beneficial to you. A drug crime lawyer will understand your drug-related offense and thus will know the most favorable way to present your defense.



The benefits of working with an experienced Rockville drug lawyer are numerous. Our drug offense lawyers have been representing clients for years. Over that time, we have learned what approaches work and what don’t!

Add that to our understanding of how the criminal justice system works, and you have lawyers who are in a good position to defend you in court.


Network and Resources

Our firm has extensive resources to help you in your fight for freedom. When you trust us with your cases, all our resources will be at your disposal. Depending on the circumstances, we can also use our extensive network of expert witnesses and other professionals to defend you appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drug crime?

A drug crime is any crime related to drug possession, use, or distribution of a controlled substance, prescription medication, or other substances that can potentially be abused.

A drug crime doesn’t have to involve illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin, or marijuana. Criminal activities involving prescription drugs or other legal substances that can be abused could also land you in court.

What are the penalties for a drug crime?

The prison sentence or fines imposed when you are convicted of a drug crime depends on the amount and the class of drugs found in your possession.

You can spend between 1 year and 25 years in prison and pay a fine of between $1000 and $25,000. Additionally, first offenders receive a lesser punishment than repeat offenders.

Can drug crime lawyers help reduce my charges?

It is in your best interest to hire an experienced drug crime lawyer when you face drug charges. A drug crime lawyer fights to protect your rights and works to develop the most robust legal defense for your case.

Can I give my confidential details after the first consultation?

Although some law firms may offer you a free and confidential consultation, it doesn’t mean that you are legally their client. Wait until you develop a client-attorney relationship and after payment plans are discussed before giving your lawyer any sensitive information.

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