Understanding False Accusations in Maryland Domestic Violence Cases

No one should have to face false accusations in Maryland domestic violence cases alone. If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, call Paolo Gnocchi of Scrofano Law PC for help.

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False Accusations in Maryland Domestic Violence Cases


Domestic violence is a serious problem in Maryland, as it is in many other states. It refers to instances of abuse between people with close relationships, such as spouses or partners.

False accusation of domestic violence is also a severe problem. It refers to being falsely blamed for crimes you didn’t commit and can have long-term repercussions.

Unfortunately, relationships can get messy. Sometimes, a person lies to get someone they are angry with in trouble. Other times, they may exaggerate to gain leverage. They might do this during a divorce or in retaliation. Making false accusations is illegal. If you were falsely accused of domestic abuse, stay calm.

A basic understanding of domestic violence and false accusations in Maryland can help you. Having a skilled domestic violence lawyer could also help. They may be able to fight false allegations of domestic abuse and protect your legal rights. Contact Paolo Gnocchi of Scrofano Law PC for advice and support.


Maryland Domestic Violence Cases


Domestic violence is defined in Maryland as a physical, emotional, or sexual act that either:

  1. Causes serious bodily harm 
  2. Causes someone in fear of imminent serious bodily harm

It can include assault, child abuse, sex crimes, and stalking.

Domestic violence cases are unfortunately common in Maryland. As per the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence, around 5,000 domestic violence cases were filed in 2018. 

How False Accusations Occur


A false accusation occurs when someone blames someone for something they didn’t do. The error in blame could be accidental. It could also be on purpose for the accuser’s benefit. Either way, the accusation is incorrect.

False accusations of domestic violence can have severe consequences for the falsely accused. Not only can they damage a person’s reputation, but they can lead to criminal charges and even jail time. These accusations can be divided into deliberate, unintentional, or situational categories. 

Regardless of how the accusation occurs, the burden of proof is on the accuser.

Deliberate False Accusations

When someone intentionally lies and claims to be a domestic violence victim, it is a deliberate false accusation. These accusations can occur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a person may make a false accusation in an attempt to get some advantage in a custody battle or other legal proceeding. Other times, a person may make a false accusation as an act of revenge or to gain attention. 

Unintentional False Accusations

If an incorrect accusation occurs due to a misunderstanding, it is an unintentional false accusation. These occur when a person incorrectly believes the situation or action is abusive. This is particularly common in situations where there is a history of abuse. The person may be more likely to see abusive behavior where it does not actually exist. 

Situational False Accusations

Sometimes false accusations are made during an argument. These situational accusations are often the result of heightened emotions and may be made without much thought.

Effects of a False Accusation of Domestic Violence in Maryland


The penalties for domestic violence in Maryland can be severe. A person convicted of domestic violence charges may face stiff fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record. 

Plus, convictions can have severe consequences for a person’s personal and professional life. It may impact their ability to find a job, get custody of their children, or even obtain housing. 

With a qualified Maryland harassment lawyer, you might be able to avoid these additional consequences.


How to Handle False Accusations


False accusations can have dire consequences on the personal and professional life of the accused. They can damage the person’s reputation and strain relationships with family and friends. Accusations can have a negative impact on custody proceedings. Plus, they can potentially affect employment prospects.

Many potential employers conduct background checks. Having criminal charges or protective orders makes it challenging to secure certain jobs. A criminal record could make attaining some jobs virtually impossible.

Being falsely accused of domestic violence is distressing. It can be a tricky experience that requires careful navigation. The accused needs to understand the steps they can take to protect their rights and reputation. Consider following the steps outlined here:

  • Remain calm

  • Seek legal advice

  • Document evidence

  • Gather character references

  • Cooperate with legal proceedings

Maintain appropriate communication when discussing the situation. Avoid any confrontations or arguments that could be misinterpreted and used against you.

Remember, each situation is unique, but seeking guidance from legal professionals can help. With the support of a Maryland criminal lawyer, you can strengthen your defense and protect your reputation.

Punishments for Making False Accusations in Domestic Violence Cases


In Maryland, falsely accusing someone of domestic violence is a criminal offense. If a person is found guilty of making a false accusation, they may face fines and even jail time. The specific penalties for a false accusation can vary. They generally depend on the circumstances of the case, but generally, the penalties can be severe. 

Individuals need to understand the seriousness of making false accusations. They should avoid making accusations that are not supported by evidence or made with malicious intent.


Benefits of Hiring an Attorney


When you or a loved one are involved in a domestic violence case in Maryland, you may consider retaining the assistance of an experienced attorney. They could help you navigate the legal system and protect your rights. A qualified attorney can also help you build a strong defense if you are falsely accused of domestic violence.

Domestic violence and false accusations of domestic violence are severe problems in Maryland. It is important for Maryland residents to understand the legal system and their rights if involved in a domestic violence case. 

Contact Paolo Gnocchi of Scrofano Law PC Today!


If you have been falsely accused of a domestic violence crime in Maryland, consider seeking the help of Paolo Gnocchi of Scrofano Law PC. Her team of lawyers can help you protect your rights and navigate the legal system. You may even be able to get your case dismissed or have your temporary restraining order suspended.

For questions about domestic abuse or false accusations of domestic violence, talk to Paolo Gnocchi of Scrofano Law PC. Schedule a free initial consultation today!


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