The Importance of Hiring a Maryland Reckless Driving Lawyer After an Arrest


A Maryland reckless driving lawyer can protect your rights, freedom, and future if you or a loved one has been charged with a reckless driving offense.

Should You Hire an Experienced Maryland Reckless Driving Lawyer?


A negligent or reckless driving charge in Maryland is taken very seriously by the legal system. Reckless driving is usually defined as deliberately operating a motor vehicle with a wanton or willful disregard for other people’s safety.

Under Maryland law, reckless driving is deemed a more serious charge than negligent driving. Charges that may be brought typically include fleeing and eluding the police, negligent driving, and aggressive driving.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs may also fall under reckless driving. It may result in misdemeanor charges and penalties such as fines or a jail sentence.

Since reckless driving is taken as a grave offense, law enforcement in Maryland is cracking down on such offenses. Given the severity of the consequences of such a charge, it is critical to work with an experienced reckless driving attorney.

Once you call the lawyers at Scrofano Law and establish an attorney-client relationship, you will have a team of legal advocates on your side with experience working on all manner of traffic violation cases. Contact us today, and we may just be able to provide you with the information and legal advice you need in your case to avoid or mitigate the consequences of a reckless driving conviction.

Best Attorney for Reckless Driving in Maryland


Under the Maryland Transportation Code, reckless and negligent driving is when someone operates a motor vehicle in a careless or imprudent manner, which puts the life and property of another in danger.

Even though the definition may seem very complicated to the layman, an excellent example of reckless driving is driving too fast for the road conditions. A police officer may deem this reckless driving and give one a reckless driving ticket as it endangers the lives of both the driver, the passengers, and other innocent road users. 

By working with experienced legal counsel, you will get reliable advice and information on the workings of criminal law and the criminal justice system in the state. 

At Scrofano Law, we provide an initial consultation for reckless driving and negligent driving charges. Contact us today for information and advice on your Maryland criminal defense case. We have worked with many clients charged with high-risk driving over the years and helped them avoid serious penalties, and we may just do the same for you.

How to Get a Good Lawyer for Reckless Driving


Given the consequences that could result from a reckless driving traffic infraction, it is critical to find an excellent criminal lawyer to work on your case. Some of the things to look for when hiring a Maryland criminal lawyer include:


Experience Handling Traffic Cases

A good lawyer in this situation is one who focuses on reckless driving cases. Just like how you want a brain surgeon rather than a primary care physician to do your brain surgery, you want someone heavily focused on traffic violations to work on your case.


Testimonials from Previous Clients

An attorney who has an established reputation in the area will usually have testimonials from previous clients. You should read their reviews and testimonials to determine if they are a good fit. 


Familiarity with the Legal System

A good lawyer will be familiar with the legal code as well as the judicial and law enforcement officials, such as the judges, clerks, and police officers in your local area. This insight allows them to better know what to expect in your case to deliver the optimal outcome.

Average Cost of a Reckless Driving Attorney in Maryland


Several factors may influence what your Maryland or Silver Spring criminal defense attorney may charge for helping you with your case. Some aspects of the case that Maryland attorneys may take into account in determining fees include the case’s location, the complexity of the case, type of case, and prior record.

If you have been slapped with driving recklessly, you will usually have a range of fees that your attorney may charge, depending on the case’s complexity. Generally, a speeding ticket will be less costly to resolve than a reckless driving case. 

The reason for this is that the penalties for reckless driving tend to be higher than simpler infractions such as speeding. Reckless driving tends to be more complex as compared to speeding, where the only evidence is the speed gun record provided by the police officers that show you driving above the posted speed limit.

While it may seem expensive to hire a Maryland traffic lawyer, it may cost you more in time and money handling the case on your own. Moreover, you place yourself at greater risk of being convicted or denied driving privileges by defending yourself. 

The attorneys at Scrofano Law have a good understanding of Maryland criminal law with regard to traffic infractions. We have helped many of our clients charged with anything from impaired driving to wanton disregard for the safety of others to overtaking on a railroad crossing avoid severe penalties.

Why You Need a Reckless Driving Lawyer in Maryland


If you have been charged with reckless driving, you could be slapped with harsh penalties that could have severe consequences on your life.

In addition to penalties such as restrictions on your driver’s license, fines of up to $1000, and higher insurance premiums. Beyond criminal sanctions, your criminal record might impact your ability to work, as some employers might request that information or run a background check before making offers of employment.

If you are found guilty of reckless driving in Maryland, you may be docked up to six points from your driver’s license under the points system. This is harsh as compared to other traffic offenses or traffic violations such as negligent driving, in which you may get docked just one point from your driving record.

Is reckless driving a felony? Note that some courts may deem a subsequent offense as a felony and, as such, may resort to license revocation or increased fines. This is especially so if you have been determined to have been driving in a manner that indicates a wanton disregard for the safety of others or their property.

If you have been charged with reckless driving or any other traffic violation in Maryland, a skilled and experienced lawyer may help you avoid the complications of conviction.

At Scrofano Law, we have accomplished Rockville Criminal Attorney that have extensive experience dealing with traffic violations cases in Maryland. Contact us today for an initial consultation, after which we may discuss the options in your case.

Maryland Reckless Driving Statute


Both reckless and negligent driving in Maryland are offenses that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While negligent driving can be defined as operating a motor vehicle in a careless or imprudent manner that can endanger someone’s life or property, the standard for proving negligent driving is lower than for reckless driving.

In order to prove reckless driving, police will have to determine that an individual was driving in a way that indicates a wanton or willful disregard for other people or property.

The penalties that may be imposed for reckless or negligent driving violations are found in Title 27 of the Maryland transportation code. Depending on the severity of the traffic violation, specific penalties may vary from court to court across the state.

Except for the most severe violations, most reckless driving violations in Maryland are deemed misdemeanors, resulting in a fine no greater than $500 (or up to $1.000 if the case is taken to court). Other penalties include the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), adding up to six points to an individual’s driving record. A negligent driving conviction can result in lesser fines and up to three points on your driving record. But, bear in mind that having 5-7 points on your driving record can result in an MVA requirement to enroll in a Driver Improvement Program (DIP).

In circumstances where there is serious injury, loss of life, and property damage due to reckless or negligent driving, the courts may impose license suspension and jail time.

To avoid such penalties, it is critical to get skilled representation as soon as the police officers make an arrest.

The Scrofano Law firm is led by a team of lawyers with extensive experience and understanding of Maryland law and the transportation code. We offer an initial free case evaluation and may provide legal advice and information to fight your reckless driving charges and any other related charges and possible penalties.

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