Jason SanclementeJason Sanclemente

When I found myself in need of attorney, I reached out first to friends and colleagues for recommendations. But being relatively new to the area, there weren’t many suggestions sent my way which left me to seek out a lawyer based only on online reviews and ratings. Thankfully, my search led me to Morgan who was the best lawyer I could have asked for. Not having ever been in a legal situation like this before, I was completely unaware of what to expect. Morgan help to guide me and keep me informed step-by-step throughout the process. Her length of experience helped me to know what I was most likely to encounter. She also provided me with guidance of steps I could take to ensure the best possible outcome in my case. I would highly recommend Morgan to anyone looking for an attorney in the DC/MD area.

Lewis MayLewis May

Had a wonderful experience working with Morgan! Professional & effective, would absolutely recommend.

Ernesto HernandezErnesto Hernandez

I was charged with DUI/DWI in the District of Columbia. Morgan represented my case and was able to overturn the mandatory suspension of my DC driver's license due to a refusal to take a blood/alcohol test. She convinced the prosecutor to go with the Deferred judgment Agreement instead of a trial. Case dismissed 9 months later. Highly recommend.

Lisa WatsonLisa Watson

Professional Package of Dynamite!!
I was referred to Ms. Leigh for representation in a domestic violence case with 3 days notice. Ms. Leigh and I briefly spoke on that Monday and I forwarded the court order and other documents for review. We than spoke in length on Wednesday and appeared in court on Thursday. Ms. Leigh was very prepared with evidence and ready to ask questions. Initially talks between attorney's on court day, resulted in Ms. Leigh getting the case dismissed! My friend that accompanied me for support said it best "Ms. Leigh is a small package of dynamite!"

Christopher PeasantChristopher Peasant

Works well under pressure and does a great job staying on top of difficult clients and works around schedules better than most with working clients to get the case taken care off in there best interest.

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