Why You Need a Skilled and Experienced Maryland Robbery Lawyer

Why Hire a Maryland Robbery Lawyer?

Robbery under Maryland law is a serious offense compared to simple theft as a felony conviction could take away one’s freedom for years and have other long-term consequences for your life. 

For this reason, it is critical to contact a Maryland armed robbery lawyer if you are facing robbery charges. An experienced Maryland robbery lawyer will help you respond in an informed and strategic way to avoid conviction or reduce the consequences of a conviction.

At the law offices of Scrofano Law, we have a team of professional Maryland criminal defense attorneys with a good understanding of the criminal justice system, including armed carjacking, criminal cases, and charges of unauthorized control of dangerous weapons. We may be able to help you with your armed robbery charges or any other violent crime you may be charged with. Contact us today for a free consultation on how to move forward with your case.

What a Maryland Robbery Defense Lawyer Can Do For You

A Maryland theft attorney can offer legal representation right from the time you are being investigated for robbery until your case is resolved. An attorney at law can argue that robbery did not occur as you did not carry away anyone’s property or there was no force or threat of force. Whether it is motor vehicle theft or a charge of any other stolen property, your attorney will help you in a thorough investigation,

They could also introduce doubt by providing a different angle to what the prosecutor is arguing. A Silver Spring criminal defense attorney can express uncertainty about your actions or get the jury to question the credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses, which introduces the aspect of reasonable doubt.

Since robbery is a felony crime that could attract significant penalties, including a maximum sentence of 15 years along with associated penalties, we always recommend that a person charged with such a serious crime contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

The skilled lawyers at Scrofano Law know how to navigate the legal system of state law to help in reducing potential penalties, receiving stolen property, or getting your charges dismissed. We have working relationships with prosecuting attorneys and can negotiate plea deals to help you avoid lengthy prison sentences.

Robbery Defense Attorney in Maryland

Under common law definition, robbery is considered theft though it is a more serious form of theft, and hence it is deemed a felony under Maryland robbery and theft laws. Under the Maryland Criminal Code, the penalty for robbery is a maximum penalty of fifteen years in prison.

Under Maryland law, there are eight elements to the crime of robbery. A Maryland attorney will try to defend you in court as the prosecution tries to prove that you trespassed, took, and carried away the property of an alleged victim with the intent to permanently deprive them of their goods via the use of force.

Qualified Maryland lawyers can usually get a dismissal of the case or negotiate with the prosecution to file a lesser crime such as theft charges if they find evidence that any of the elements of robbery are not present.

Call a professional and skilled Maryland robbery attorney today if you have been charged with armed robbery and attempted robbery. At Scrofano Law, we have the experience to take care of any violent crime case as we have been doing this for years and have helped many clients get favorable outcomes from the legal system.

Best Attorney for Robbery in Maryland

Robbery as a felony offense in Maryland is defined under the Maryland Code. Under the law, you could be charged for the offense if:

  • It is shown that you obtained the services or goods of another person through the threat of force or use of force without the intent of paying for those goods or services.

  • You feloniously took property from another person through the threat or use of violence.

  • You feloniously took the property off another person with the intent of giving it back for compensation or to dispose of it in a manner that the owner could not locate or appropriate some of it for yourself.

While robbery is deemed theft under common law definition, it is a more serious crime as the offender takes something from another person using violence or the threat of violence. 

It is important to note that actual violence is not an essential element for being charged with robbery. Simply stealing something and making another afraid in the process is enough to get a person charged with robbery. 

Contact us today for a free consultation if you have been charged or are under investigation for robbery. Since armed robbery carries severe penalties, talking to an attorney and creating an attorney-client relationship early on will help craft a robust defense. 

How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Robbery Cases

If you have been charged with theft offenses or armed robbery, it is critical to hire an experienced Rockville Criminal Attorney defending clients charged with similar crimes. The reason for this is that there can be a lot of complexities when dealing with such cases.

Another reason to hire an experienced Maryland armed robbery attorney is that the potential penalties for felony conviction could have life-changing consequences. Given that robbery is one of the more serious felony offenses, it carries significant prison time if one is convicted.

Hiring an attorney that has handled such cases before means that they know about all elements of robbery. These elements usually include violent theft though this does not have to be with a dangerous weapon, contrary to popular belief.

An experienced attorney will know how to challenge the elements in the case, what kinds of witnesses to bring forward, and the type of evidence that would sway a jury in your favor. Moreover, armed robberies can hinge on aspects such as video surveillance that may involve admissibility rules that the prosecution may not have addressed.

It is thus critical to hire an attorney at law if you have been charged with robbery. A Maryland attorney will understand the legal procedures, sniff out defense opportunities, and recognize any constitutional issues in the prosecution’s case. A lawyer who is not experienced in such cases may not understand the relevant defenses and issues and could be detrimental to your case.


Things to Consider When Choosing Lawyer for Robbery

Since armed robbery is a very serious charge, it is critical to find someone well-versed in the legal aspects of negotiation with the prosecution and zealously advocate for your rights in court. Some of the most important things to consider include:

  • Experience in defending defendants on an armed robbery charge in the state of Maryland
  • A lawyer with a track record of successfully winning acquittals or negotiating with the prosecution in armed robbery cases
  • A lawyer with a reputation for creating trustworthy and positive relationships
  • An attorney who you can personally and professionally trust.

Call the law offices of Scrofano Law today if you have been charged with robbery. We may be able to help you with your case once we establish a client-attorney relationship. We have skilled lawyers that have experience in such cases and will help craft a strategy for your defense going forward.

Top Robbery with Violence Lawyer for Your Armed Robbery Case

Maryland has severe penalties for robbery as the offense is deemed a felony, whose penalties are often dependent on whether one committed the offense using a weapon or not. Upon conviction, you could be facing penalties that may include:

  • 20 years jail time if you commit the crime with a dangerous weapon

  • 15 years jail time if the offense was not committed with a dangerous weapon

You could face up to 20 years in prison even if you do not use a weapon. For instance, if you write a note claiming you are armed and give it to a clerk, you can still be charged with robbery as if you used a deadly weapon.


Robbery with Violence Attorney

If you face criminal charges in Maryland, you should contact an experienced robbery attorney to help guide you through the process. Contact a Maryland robbery lawyer who will protect your rights by coming up with the most robust defense we can muster. We provide a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your case and work out a defense strategy going forward.

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